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SEPT. 1, 2010 - My new CD, "Cure for the Common Life" was released to national radio play today! Please call your local station and beg them - okay, plead with them nicely - to play the single "Play My Life." You'll be glad you did!

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From the fire of refinement (and testing) to the cool, refreshing waters of His presence comes Lorri’s second solo release, Cure For The Common Life. If you are parched from the heat of opposition and need a cold drink of water this CD will not disappoint. Emerging out of the furnace with a red-hot glowing and renewed passion for life, Lorri expresses this new found vibrance in variety and style.

The title cut, “Cure For The Common Life” is a theme that weaves both lyrically and musically throughout the CD. Only $9.99 plus shipping and handling. Click here to purchase.

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